Permit Service

Students must complete 6 hours behind the wheel training, which is usually completed in (2) 3 hour sessions. We will teach you how to navigate local and highway roads, as well as everything you need to know for the road test. Upon completion of the 6 hours, your permit will be validated. A certificate will also be issued for you to receive a discount on your insurance. 

Refresher Lesson

In preparation for your road test, we will simulate the road test and ensure you are prepared for your test. 

Road Test Service

We provide a one-hour brush up refresher prior to the road test. On the day of the test, we provide transportation to the MVC and the vehicle for the test. Upon successful completion of the road test, we take you into the agency to obtain your driver's license. 

"Worry Free" Service

This enables parents to have confidence that their child will have everything he or she needs to take the Road Test and obtain a New Jersey Driver's License. Other than assisting your child in locating the 6 Points of ID documents they need to take to MVC, parents are not required to do anything - we will take care of all the details. 

We offer competitive rates. Please contact us for prices.